Galleries Of My Work
Galleries Of My Work
  • Paul Chizik - Seymour River. Oil on Linen 64 x 92 inches
  • Paul Chizik - View from the Douglas Cabin. Oil on Linen 4 x 6 inches
  • Paul Chizik - Red, White on Blue. Oil on Linen 5.5 x 8 Feet
  • Paul Chizik - Grand Canal. Soft Pastel 18.5 x 26.5 inches
  • Paul Chizik - Oranges and Lemons Oil on Linen 9 x 14 inches
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The use of light, colour, and texture remains consistent in my work. Sometimes brooding and foreboding, other times light and luminous. The work focuses on the ability of painting to tell a story through a single image. It has the ability to be cinematic and theatrical and to move one into another realm.