Painting Instruction

Paul Chizik Painting Lynn Valley

I have been teaching art for the past 20 years throughout Canada, USA, Scotland, Australia and Italy. I specialize in Oil painting, Egg tempera, Watercolour, Pastel and Drawing.

I host many Plein-air (Outdoor) workshops locally in Vancouver and painting retreats abroad.

The traditional and well established method of painting en plein -air incorporates a faster painting methodology through direct interaction with nature. It is in contrast with studio work as there is less of a predetermined look. It enables the artist to respond with a swifter observational scrutiny to capture the ever changing details of light. Adapting to this change in nature instills a confidence in the artist and develops their understanding of paint application, brushwork and colour harmony.

I offer private and semiprivate studio instruction and group workshops to beginner, intermediate and advanced artist.

I teach classical oil painting techniques as well as Impressionistic and Alla prima techniques and the Ébauche technique of painting.

Studio classes range from the study of still life painting and portraiture, with a focus on the comprehensive understanding of Chiaroscuro.

Working from photographs to improve the artist skills to adapt and manage brushwork in the creation of the illusion of three-dimensional forms.

Intensive tutoring is also available were I provide in depth technical services to professional practicing artist in the field of advanced painting techniques for paint, mediums and ground preparation.

Please contact me for more information and rates.